how to build an ecommerce website from scratch

Topic: how to build an eCommerce website

Today I’m going to show you how to build an eCommerce website from scratch to finish

You’ll be able to make a website that has products And people will be able to add your products to their carts And they’ll be able to pay you through your website And buy products from your site So let’s get started it’s going to be very simple See the video by Website Learners

So to launch your website we are going to do three steps

  • The first step is to choose your website name
  • The second step is to buy a Hosting
  • The third step of setting up our store
  • The fourth step is to set up our payment method
  • To pay for your products, You need to set up your payment method called Stripe

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So once you create this account you’ll be able to receive payments directly to your bank account When someone purchases your product So to create your stripe account, let’s open a new tab And then go to and create your account and You need to connect this account with your website

Let’s go to our WordPress dashboard And then go to plugins and click add new And now we need to install the stripe plugin on our website So just search for a stripe for WooCommerce And you will get this plugin Now to install it, just click install And click activate

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